Stem injection to kill Japanese Knotweed

Progressive new methodology for the eradication of Japanese Knotweed

ECS is pleased to be able to provide our clients with a progressive new methodology for the eradication of Japanese Knotweed. Unlike traditional herbicidal treatment methods which are applied to the surface of the leaves of the plant, stem injection targets the application of a controlled quantity of herbicide directly into the core of the plant. This direct targeting of the herbicidal application enables stem injection to be the least insidious method of eradication.

Advantages and results of stem injection over conventional eradication methodologies

  1. Stem injection is not weather dependant – traditional spraying methods are severely compromised by weather conditions and can not be applied during heavy winds or rain.
  2. Stem injection can 100% be safely applied in an area where TPO’s (Tree Preservation Orders) have been issued – traditional spraying and mechanical removal methods are not suitable, and will result in severe damage.
  3. Stem injection has no impact on any surrounding vegetation or wildlife– traditional spraying methods will cause damage to any surrounding vegetation.
  4. Stem injection is carbon neutral – eradication via Dig and dump has a negative impact on the environment, huge quantities of soil to a radius of 3m depth and 7 meters width from the edge of the stand of Japanese Knotweed must be removed and disposed of by a licensed waste operator to a landfill site.
  5. Stem injection is accepted and authorised by the E.A. to use on organic approved farms, without causing the loss of their organic status.
  6. Stem injection is 100% effective.

Post treatment monitoring and Japanese Knotweed rhizome viability testing will be instigated after the final application of stem injection. ECS is currently in the process of developing a ground breaking method of establishing the viability of treated rhizomes to ensure that the plant is entirely dead.

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