Spoil To Soil

Spoil to Soil Technology enables ECS to provide the Client with guaranteed clean soil that can be used to back fill excavations with the additional reassurance of an approved residual persistent herbicide applied which ensures that even the smallest rhizome particle is left non viable to cause future re-growth.

By using innovative plant that has been tailored for the purpose, we have been able to keep the cost of this methodology to below that of existing mechanical techniques such as the Dig & Dump. On average the amount of controlled waste taken off site to a registered landfill is upto 40% less than the Dig & Dump mythology and cost savings to the client are also made by reusing the soil as clean backfill.

This method works by mechanically separating the Japanese Knotweed rhizomes from the soil with ECS’ specialist equipment and can be very effecting in the correct conditions.

This methodology is site dependent and there are certain soils which are not suitable for mechanical reasons.

Why You Should Choose Us...

We carry out free commercial site surveys and identification service tailor eradication solutions to suit out clients

ECS aid hundreds of home owners sell/remortgage their properties each year.  Each year we help hundreds of property purchasers negotiate mortgage issues with our unique Insurance Backed Guarantees and knowledge of the industry.

ECS have been established since 2007 and have continued to evolve in the invasive weeds industry.

In our 10 years we have designed bespoke eradication methods based on both site experience and knowledge of the hosts plants physiology.

We have achieved success through striving to be the best.

Other commercial services offered

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  • Herbicidal Eradication

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With over 50 collective years experience in the Japanese Knotweed & invasive weed sector you can trust our expert service...

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